Sunday, 20 May 2012

Makeup looks on hold

Before I show you a preview of these makeup looks I'd like you to read this.
I know I haven't been active at all lately. I am just too busy to deal with this blog on a daily basis therefore I'm not posting about new stores or features on Stardoll. That's going to change once school's over so please be patient. I also can't do this job all by myself. All the writers that used to post on this blog quit posting and it's just too much to post. I will publish a competition for a writer (3 places must be filled) soon and everyone will be able to enter (SS/non-SS/younger/older). 
Thanks for understanding.
Moving on with makeup looks.
Here's a quick preview :
 I decided to focus on all the people that are inexperienced in putting makeup on stardoll. Therefore, I will be posting makeup looks for beginner the next 4 weeks(1 month). These are the first two looks which will be posted on Saturday, 26th May. 
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How do you like these two makeup looks?
~post your opinions in the comment section.

thanks for reading,

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Stardoll Makeup Tutorial - Inspired by Forest Fairies

It's finally here! 
I've been working on this video for 2 hours and now I can finally show it to you. I hope you like it! 
This is a rather simple look and all the makeup is in Starplaza in DOT store. 
Once again, please subscribe to my youtube channel and follow this blog if you want the latest news! 

What should I do next for my makeup tutorial? Any ideas? Should I still make tutorials inspired by mythical creatures? 

Let me know in the comments.

Thanks  for reading

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Spoiler for new makeup look

Hello, the best readers in the world! I wanted to show you what I'm working on right now. I still need to record a video about this look but here's a preview:
It's a fairy inspired look.
I may add some more fairy looks, but I will do that during the weekend, since I have no time for editing and recording.  This video will be published on my youtube channel - xpeggysuexx
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Stay tuned for more news about Stardoll and thanks for reading this blog, it means a lot to me.


Thursday, 29 March 2012

New Starplaza features

I don't know if you've noticed yet, but Starplaza got a new look today!

Here are all the new features:
1. Wishlist:
 This feature allows you to put various items you can't afford at the moment on your wishlist. Here's how items in Starplaza look like now:
 (the one with dark purple heart is put on wishlist)
My opinion: I like this feature, it's good for those who aren't the richest members of Stardoll.

2.Scroll-over prices
 Now you don't have to grab the item if you want to see the price. Just scroll over any item and the price tag will appear. An example is given in the upper picture.
My opinion: it's good that stardoll put this feature. Now I don't have to click on an item and drag it across the screen to see how much it costs. Thumbs up for this feature!

3.New starter page
 There's a new layout when you go to Starplaza now! It's much more realistic and vibrant, don't you think?

Overall rating for all features:

What do you think? Do you like how Starplaza looks now or did you like the way it was before? 
Leave your opinions in the comments.

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

50% sale

 A monthly sale has come to Starplaza today. 
Chosen items are 50% of the next few days.
Here are some stores in which you can find this sale: Bonjour Bizou, RIO, Pretty n' love
There isn't much items on sale, but I think you should buy the ones you like before it's too late. :)

Will you buy anything during this sale? 

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

News: Makeup removal, DOT spring collection, 25% off Sunny Bunny

You all probably received this message from Stardoll :
You now don't have to remove all makeup if you made a mistake on just one place. You can just click on the area you wish to remove the makeup. I love this new feature, I was hoping for it since I do a lot of new makeup looks. :) 

New DOT collection arrived in Starplaza today! It's a spring collection. Here's how it looks:

 Click HERE to go to DOT store.
I really like some pieces, there are some nice colors which can be combined with every style.

There's a sale in Sunny Bunny Kloz store. Everything is 25% off for the next few days, since this store is closing.
 I don't really care that it's closing, because most of the items in this store were too expensive, yet badly designed. (That's just my opinion, you don't have to agree with me)

What do you think about today's updates?
Do you like the new Makeup Removal? Will you buy anything from new DOT collection? Will you take advantage of Sunny Bunny Kloz sale before it's too late?

 Thanks for reading


Friday, 23 March 2012

April HotBuys

Hello readers! :)

Stardoll has published April 2012 Hot Buys. Here's how they look:

 I love almost every piece! Stardoll is improving with Hot Buys, don't you think? I also have to compliment Stardoll on doing such a great graphic!

-Real life version will be published as soon as I find some.

What do you think? Do you like April Hot Buys?

Tell me in comments,

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Peggy_sue's styliststudio - Open for Business

Hello, readers! I just wanted you to know that I've bought the Stylingstudio and you can send your outfit ideas any time you want.

 It would be the best if you sent me your style, so I could really help you get the outfit you desire. I'm new to this, so don't judge me if I make a mistake, please... :) 
HERE if you're interested, and also check out my portfolio to see my previous work. I hope you'll like it and that you will get in line to get the best outfit ever!

Thanks for reading

P.S. : still working on blog makeover. I'm busy, so I don't have much time for this blog.

Friday, 9 March 2012

I'm back.

*no more banners*

Hello, StardollBusiness readers! 
You probably noticed that nobody has posted anything since I left Stardoll for school.
I actually got tired of Stardoll and the whole virtual world, so I didn't visit it at all.

But, now I'm back and I hope you didn't quit reading our blog. 
StardollBusiness is going to get a huge makeover, with a new banner, some new topics & segments etc.
 I also hope that our permanent writers don't think that they're not welcome to post.
Not at all! Feel free to post about a topic you like.


So, that's it for this "welcoming" post. 

thanks for reading

by the way, if you hadn't noticed, there won't be any banners at the beginning of a post anymore.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Starplaza Report

The 9th Hot Buys Piece came to Starplaza today!
Hot Buys Emerald Tote
  This tote costs 14 stardollars and you can find it in DECADES store
My opinion : I expected it to look better on my MeDoll, therefore I'm not buying it...
Real Life Version :
 Bag by Celine Boston

Do you like this bag? Will you buy it?

Thanks for reading

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Make-up tutorials I'm working on

Sadly, there will be no make-up tutorial this week. I just don't have the time
to record and edit videos. 
But, I am working on some make-up tutorials for Halloween.
From next week, every Sunday there will be at least 2 Halloween looks. :)
Here are pictures of what's coming next week :

Looks no.1 : Pirate. I chose two pirate looks. One is the ordinary pirate (dirty,mostly drunk [lol] and not really good looking) and the second one is the sexy pirate.
Look no.2 : Mermaid. I'm really proud of this one, I don't know why. I think it looks great. :)

Do you like the upcoming make-up tutorials? Should I eliminate any?
Please let me know so I don't waste my time or yours.

Thanks for reading

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Miss Stardoll World Report

If anybody has noticed, I haven't been posting much.
I've only been just a bit busy.
Since it has been 25 days after when I should have posted, I'll do it now. (Since I have the time, finally!)



  • 680 Semi finalists in total
  • 20 Semi Finalists from the 30 most voted for countries (you can only vote for those in your own country)
  • 20 Semi Finalists from each of the 4 continents: America, Europe, Africa & Asia (you can only vote for those in your own continent)

If you have noticed, some people have a cute MSW accessory, and some do not. The ones that do will go on to the Semi Final Round. I for one, did not get this accessory, so I simply had to find out by going to another suite. I know many others found out like I did.


  • 34 Finalists in total
  • 1 Finalist from each of the 30 countries (Miss Stardoll Country Winners)
  • 1 Finalist from each of the 4 continents (Continental Queens)


  • You may vote for anyone!